It all started back in 2010 with five ducks and a copy of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

Prior to reading Nourishing Traditions we ate a diet that was healthy by mainstream standards. We even went vegetarian for a year. But something wasn't right and we didn't feel our best. After coming across Nourishing Traditions and giving it a read everything changed. The book made so much sense that we started implementing it's ideas immediately. We started eating traditional, whole, real food and our bodies thanked us.

Along this real food journey we also read Omnivores' Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It was eye opening to see where most mainstream food comes from. If you think your grocery store beef comes from a grassy scenic farm you would be wrong. We decided we want to eat real food and we want to know where it comes from. We want the animals to be raised and slaughtered humanely. What started out as trying to shop from local farmers turned into trying to grow it ourselves.

Then came the ducks. We decided to keep a small flock of chickens in our suburban backyard for eggs. We weren't technically allowed to have poultry there and I was worried the chickens would we too loud so we settled on Khaki Campbell ducks instead. Later we did add chickens for both eggs and meat. I was amazed what we were able to do on just a quarter acre.

In 2014 we moved to a small homestead and now have seven acres in southeast Pennsylvania. We are trying to grow as much of our own food as possible and sourcing the rest from local farmers when we can. We have a flock of sheep that we raise for meat, milk, and wool. The sheep are rotationally grazed and we grow most of our own hay for winter feeding. We have a large flock of laying hens and once a year we raise a batch of chickens for meat. We don't have green thumbs but we do have a large garden each year and we are getting better about keeping it alive and preserving our harvest.

Thanks for following along!


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