Friday, January 13, 2017

Farm Scenes Friday: #5

Only the second week of January and the holidays are already a distant memory. It seems that as soon as they are over we start planning for spring. So even though winter is still young, spring doesn't feel too far off. We even had a couple of fifty degree days that felt like spring!

Here are some happenings from this week:

My little guy is turning into quite the animal lover. He could spend his whole day lying with Luna or chasing chickens. 

Unfortunately, this week we lost a few chickens to foxes and hawks. Between the loss and our chickens hiding their eggs we have only been getting about seven eggs a day out of twenty birds. That's not awful but just a couple of weeks ago we were getting closer to sixteen a day.

Doughnut is getting closer to lambing. I'll probably be saying that for a month but I notice changes in her appearance every day.  I'm keeping a close eye on her since we would like to separate her and Sally from the rest of the flock before they begin lambing. For now though it is easier to have everyone together. I'm sure milking again will throw our routine for a loop for a time but I am excited for it none the less.

Happy Friday, folks!


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  1. Beautiful pictures! Your little one is so cute, isn't it funny how brave they are with all those farm animals? I hope your lambing goes well, I'm looking forward to my goats kidding to get some milk again, but I've got a few more months.