Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meal Plan: Oct. 23

Time to get back in the meal planning saddle.

When we don't meal plan we tend to lose vegetables and leftovers in the refrigerator, our meals are not as healthy as they could be, and we spend more since I end up having to run to the grocery store more often. I had been blaming a crazy summer, since summer always throws off our routine a bit, but it has been autumn for quite awhile now so I am out of excuses.

Many people I know are using a meal planning service online or on their phone. I still prefer google combined with pencil and paper. The services I have tried will generate a shopping list based on that weeks recipes but I want a service that will automatically come up with recipes based on what we have on hand. Since I try to do most of our shopping from our garden/freezer, local farms, and the farmers' market I am limited to what is in season and what they have available. I try to limit shopping at the grocery store to only once a month. With the meal planning services I tried I was having to tweak most of the recipes or find new ones, and that just seemed like a waste of money then. With google I can type in the vegetables I have that week and find plenty of recipes just as easily.

To each his own. I'll be sticking with my paper lists for now. I'm also planning on posting our meal plan each week on the blog. More to keep me accountable than anything else. Plus it will be my way of archiving recipes to use later on. Since while I love paper lists, binders, folders, etc.... I tend to lose them and switch organization styles frequently.

Anyway, here is my plan for this week.

Sunday: Chicken soup with mushrooms and root veggies

Monday: Slow-cooked lamb shoulder, colcannon, green beans

Tuesday: Sweet potato and cauliflower salad topped with leftover shredded lamb

Wednesday: Potato and leek frittata with side salad

Thursday: Lamb broth soup with leftover veggies with no-knead bread

Friday: Quinoa pizza and any leftovers

Saturday: Halloween party (I'm bringing bean dip.)

I hope you have a scrumptious week!

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