Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Picture Perfect

When I started staying at home full-time I thought my house would be super clean and organized. I figured I would have so much more time during the day to get everything on my to-do list done. When I pictured our homestead I envisioned a red barn, green pastures, and everything in it's place.

Hahahahahaha....... yeah...

Real life doesn't always work out like you had planned. We don't have a red barn, or any barn for that matter, and things are rarely picture perfect.

Instead, even when we follow our daily routine and cleaning schedules, we seem to accumulate a lot of clutter, hay bits, mud, toys, home depot buckets, and dishes. It can be maddening at times but I am starting to embrace the imperfections.

The imperfections come with the territory. Working from home, homeschooling, keeping livestock, cooking three meals a day from scratch, raising children, growing our own food...... these are all great things! Things we love! It just so happens that they also create more work and sometimes a bit of a mess.

So while I love planning, routines, and schedules, I am realizing that life is what we make it and we need to embrace what we love, imperfections and all.

P.S. One of my favorite bloggers wrote a post that captures my feelings on this topic far more eloquently than I can. Check it out here:)

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